Abdur Rahman, Graduate

I love building relationships and solving problems. So when my graduation approached and I started to consider my career options seriously, I knew I wanted a business consultancy type role, where I could work with people, suggest process improvements and take satisfaction from seeing those improvements made.

It was during the selection process that I realised Danwood was the company for me. To win a place on their assessment day, I was asked to submit a ‘one minute elevator pitch’ – a challenge I found really interesting. Then, at the assessment day itself, when I saw their progressive attitude to new technologies and the aspirational approach of the business as a whole, I was instantly sold.

One of the best things about Danwood’s graduate programme is that you get to explore all the different departments and try different roles to see what fits you best. In my time here, I’ve travelled all around the UK, visiting different divisions, collecting business insights, gaining knowledge and building a fantastic network of contacts along the way. Like all Danwood graduates, I was also allocated a mentor from the senior management team, which has been brilliant for me. It’s so useful to draw on their experience and to have the opportunity to get their opinion and guidance.

If you’re the kind of graduate who loves a challenge and thinks outside the box, Danwood is a great career option. From day one, you’ll be given real responsibility, which will take you out of your comfort zone at times but give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction too. You’ll be encouraged to study for professional qualifications. But most of all, you’ll feel cared for and valued by the business and your colleagues for the work you do.

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Dan McCarthy, Field Sales Manager

My working week is incredibly varied and starts with the Monday morning sales meeting. The team get together and discuss the previous week’s successes, the upcoming week’s opportunities and highlight any areas in which they need support. The proceeding days are a mixture of existing client reviews / management, prospecting for new business and, most importantly, closing deals.

That variety is one of the best aspects about the job. I can be holding a meeting with a sole trader discussing ways to improve his external marketing in the morning, then analysing ways to improve business process with the CIO of a multi-million pound organisation in the afternoon.

Personal development at Danwood is an ongoing process – we’re constantly striving to excel in our roles. At our Monday morning meetings, for example, we go through live projects as a group to discover ways of adding value to our sales proposition. We also have a unique training plan called Danwood Inspire, which I was lucky enough to help design. It encourages us to challenge conventional thinking and investigate better ways of approaching the market. The goal is to have a sales force that matches our market-leading portfolio.

For me, the biggest reason for joining Danwood is the scope to develop your skills and progress your career. From starting out as a Trainee in Nottingham, I advanced into Public Sector, Major Accounts and Field Sales Manager in Leicester. I even spent five years in Florida working for Danwood America – an invaluable experience from both a personal and professional point of view. In my current role, I manage the Sales Team in Cardiff and, given the last 11 years, I’m looking forward to the new challenges the future will undoubtedly bring.

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Rebecca Pritchard, Graduate

When I joined Danwood I knew this wasn’t just a job, but an opportunity to grow and learn as part of a successful organisation. Danwood is a tremendously fluid and dynamic business; moving forward with technological advances, and being part of it is such a challenging and exciting opportunity that makes me want to learn and adapt to new situations.

I don’t come from a business background. After graduating in Bioveterinary Science, Danwood’s graduate programme was the perfect opportunity for me to learn something new, and put into practice my transferable skills. The programme has allowed me to experience different areas of the business, gain product knowledge and interact with customers.

I’ve learnt so much – not just about Danwood, but the world of print in general and where the industry is heading. I was fortunate enough to spend two days with Kyocera, one of our leading manufacturer partners, where I learnt about cloud and 3D printing. This technology will have massive implications on businesses and help them become more efficient, more streamlined and more centralised, so they can be more flexible and adapt to the ever-increasing mobile work force.

I would recommend the programme here to any graduate. It’s an incredible opportunity that offers constant challenges; that pushes you, builds your resilience, nurtures your confidence, but also develops you as person and finds your key strengths.

To my mind, the best aspect about the programme is that you don’t have to decide at the outset which job role you want to take-on at the end of the programme. When the time comes, it’s an open discussion based on your experiences within the different areas of the business, and where you feel you can make the most positive difference and help move the company forward.

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Carl Appleby, Field Service Engineer

Each morning, before setting off on my round, I drop by the depot and collect any specific parts I’ll need for the day. My calls will have been prioritised by our call router and sent to my PDA the night before, so I’ll know exactly where I’m going. And for each job, I’ll be given the customer’s details, machine information, and a description of the problem I’ve been called out to deal with.

Before each call, I’ll drop the customer a quick line to tell them that I’m on my way and what time they can expect me. I know from experience how frustrating it can be to wait in for a delivery or repairperson all day, so I always keep my customers in the loop and make the process as convenient as I can.

I carry a large amount of stock in my company car, which I can control and adjust as necessary depending on the devices I know I’m going to be working on. And I carry most of the service manuals I need on my laptop. On the odd occasion I need to order a different part or access a manual I don’t have, I have mobile internet access so I can do it directly onsite.

I started working with Danwood around 18 years ago now, after gaining a vocational qualification in electronics servicing. Printing and copying technology has moved on enormously in that time. And I regularly attend manufacturing training courses to learn about new devices. I love the fact that I’m still solving different problems and learning new things every day. It also gives me a real sense of satisfaction, because I know how much our customers rely on these devices every day.

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