The classroom of the future is a connected one.

From apps and downloads that support learning, to online resources and digitised pupil records; from centralised print rooms to 3D print facilities, the options available are growing almost as fast as the young people who rely on them.

Every educational establishment would love to be able to embrace the latest technology. With streamlined procedures, more sophisticated document storage options, better print facilities and integrated educational software, teachers and pupils alike can make the most of every learning opportunity.

Danwood’s experts can help you work through the potential obstacles to introducing new technology; by offering realistic solutions that not only suit your specific needs but also comply with the purchasing regulations laid out by the Department for Education and Local Authorities. Whatever the scale of your requirements, we have the flexibility to help you achieve your objectives.

Adaptable and affordable essentials

The printer has long been a staple of school life. But advances in technology have expanded the scope and evolved the print room into a place where high quality prospectuses can be produced on-site or bulk print jobs can be effectively managed with the help of offsite partners.

Simple to use technologies such as “follow me” printing – where staff can print alongside students, secure in the knowledge that only they can access the print job at the time they need it – and billing software that will assign print jobs to individual projects or departments, can revolutionise the way schools, colleges and universities manage their print. These small changes can make all the difference, by increasing security and efficiency and driving down costs. A reduced use of paper and resources will also give your school’s “green credentials” a welcome boost.

Solutions to take advantage of:

  • Follow me and rule based printing – To increase security and reduce waste
  • Hybrid mail – Allow your staff to post outbound mail to parents electronically whilst creating an audit trail
  • Specialist bulk printing service – Order large posters or specialist materials from education sector contacts or trusted print partners to maximise on your bulk buying arrangements
  • Document archiving – Safely and securely store vital documents without compromising precious storage space
  • Secure ordering portal – Allow authorised members of departments to manage their own supply of print consumables.
hardware repair

Purchasing Regulations – Peace of Mind

Framework Lease
Many Local Authorities have framework lease agreements in place whose terms have been developed to ensure they adhere to Department for Education rules, whilst supporting those schools that cannot accommodate an outright purchase.

Outright Purchase
This is a great option for many schools who are in a position to purchase rather than lease their equipment. An outright purchase still comes with a support and service package to ensure your equipment continues to run smoothly.

Financing Lease
Not an option for schools as it is considered borrowing, which is expressly prohibited by the Department for Education. In particular look out for words like ‘cash back’ and ‘settlement’, which indicate that is a prohibited lease.

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