In the financial world, document and data security is of paramount importance, given the high sensitivity of data handled by the sector.

Finding innovative ways to improve efficiency and access to data across sites, whilst keeping a firm focus on security and adhering to regulatory commitments, can prove a tricky task. But technology is evolving at a pace and there are a host of solutions that have been developed with precisely these needs in mind.

Whilst security and compliance are of course the priority, we know that it is also important for organisations within the financial sector to drive cost and process efficiencies to help maintain that crucial competitive edge. The print sector is frequently overlooked as an area to achieve savings, but advancements in digital document management, coupled with effective collaboration in hardware and software solutions, has transformed the industry. As an independent party Danwood is perfectly placed to tailor-make a solution that fits the needs of organisations within the financial sector.

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Regulatory adherence 

Easy-to-access digital audit trails and archiving make a big difference in supporting the financial sector’s regulatory obligations. Digital documents and cloud-based platforms enable simple document storage, search, editing and sharing, making it easier to keep a track of activity within your organisation. Solutions such as digital archiving make it easier for financial organisations to adhere to six-year data retention guidelines without the need for physical storage. Not only are documents easier to track down, but substantial property savings are made as a result of a reduction in document storage.

Improve efficiency by optimising workflow

Our business process engineering specialists will dramatically improve your company processes, placing latest technology at the heart of the solution. For instance, intuitive software solutions enable you to manage documents from the moment they arrive into your organisation and throughout their ‘lifecycle’. Sensitive documents can be shared securely with stakeholders and customers. Documents such as contracts can be changed and tracked digitally, and electronic signatures help speed up processes. All of these changes add up to substantial improvements in efficiency as well as customer experience.

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Protecting your data and your reputation

In protecting your organisation’s and customers data, it’s important to consider your hardware security as well as your document management. Latest print hardware contains more robust security features, including user authentication and sophisticated encryption. Cloud-based document storage solutions contain far more layers of data protection, allowing your staff easier access to documents without compromise.

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Embrace a more mobile workforce

Mobile print functionality allows complete flexibility for customers and staff, enhancing customer experience. Staff can manage print and documentation from client premises as well as the office, so you can be quicker to respond

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The digital mailroom

Is paper consuming your mail room? Converting to digital is easier than you may think. Whether your mail is structured or unstructured in form, printed, handwritten or image-based, Digital Mailroom captures and classifies it. The digital files integrate into electronic workflows without the need to scan or dispose of paper originals onsite, then automatically integrated with the various CRM, finance and purchasing systems your business uses.

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