Transformation in the workplace brings with it a set of new challenges when it comes to your business’s mail.

Envelope-bound mail is no longer appropriate where recipients are on the go. By digitising mail “at the letterbox”, our solutions can prevent the influx of paper into your organisation and start you on your journey to a more streamlined, digital approach to document management.

You can also expect to see a full return on your investment within 12 months, thanks to improved efficiency, reduced errors, elimination of waste and overall improvements in partner and customer relationships.

How Digital Mailroom can transform your business:

  • Quick, accurate mail processing
  • Classify and extract data from inbound information and transform it into useful data
  • Improve customer response times
  • Improved efficiency (up to 80%) in distributing data to the right person
  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy
  • Maintain compliance
  • Quality assurance and reporting in digital mailroom

On average, every piece of paper that comes into the working environment is copied 19 times and ends up stored in pedestals, cabinets, storage or is binned.

digital mail warehouse

How it works

Whether your mail is structured or unstructured in form, printed, handwritten or image-based, Digital Mailroom captures and classifies it. Data is then automatically integrated with the various CRM, finance and purchasing systems your business uses.

Document classification speeds of 100-200 documents per minute on a single processor dramatically improve efficiency, leading to better customer service, enhanced relationships with suppliers and business partners, and a reduction in errors and associated costs. Typically companies can expect to see ROI in 12 months or less.

digital mail benefits

The benefits

Danwood’s automated solutions can help you achieve your digital ambitions. Our consultants will reposition your mailroom at the start of your processes for maximum efficiency, leaving you to choose whether to host onsite, or if you prefer virtual, access the cloud. Each morning you will receive a timely email link enabling you to view your personal mail on any device, wherever you are.

This solution is scalable, accurate and secure; integrating seamlessly with existing business architectures and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your business processes are future proof and reliable.

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