Information security is a primary concern for businesses, with high profile attacks putting the threat of hacks, cybercrime and data breach firmly on the boardroom agenda.

But given the importance that organisations are placing on security, it is surprising that a fundamental component of any data security strategy is so often overlooked. The print environment plays a vital role in keeping an organisation’s information safe, yet IT teams often consider this as beyond their remit and the responsibility of someone else.

The fact is that printers and multifunction devices are connected to company networks. This makes them as vulnerable to hackers and malware as any PC or mobile device. It’s also well known among hackers that printers are often a central repository for sensitive company information, given that everything is retained in the hard drive.

By managing and securing the entire print process from user click to print collection, your business critical documents won’t end up in the wrong hands.  Download our mini guide for advice on the preventative measures that can be put in place to secure your business critical documents.

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mfp security

Multifunctional Printer Security

With security of IT systems becoming more and more important, due to increased networking, specifically from bring your own device (BYOD) becoming the norm, there has never been a more important time to review your MFP security.

MFPs are active components in networks and communicate through various protocols and ports. They have large memories and hard disks, as well as their own operating systems. Danwood’s expertise can help you secure your devices through encryption, enhanced user authentication, and secure networks cards.

print output security

Print Output Security

How often are your MFP output trays stacked high with wasted or forgotten print outs? Or are your confidential printouts being issued by a communal printer for anyone to see?

Technologies such as FollowMe Printing allow users to print to a secured print server, while roaming, and release their print job from any enabled output device using pin pads, biometric finger vein authentication or proximity cards. This ensures confidential printing and collection, and less waste for forgotten documents left on the MFPs across your business.

mobile security

Integrate Mobile Workers Securely

Moving between locations and offices should be a seamless experience for mobile workers and this also applies to the print experience. Innovative mobile printing apps now enable users to connect their smartphones and tablets to the network. Then print directly from their mobile devices to any networked multifunction printer (MFP), without having to log-in to a desktop or printer directly.

Technologies such as Microsoft Direct Access enable mobile working by allowing internal, ‘on-premise’ resources, such as printers, to be available remotely and securely without users needing to connect to a virtual private network.

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