Frequently asked questions

DNA is at the heart of our service offering and provides you with:

  • Automated monitoring of network devices
  • Qualified meter reads
  • Automated consumables ordering
  • Optimised service and supply chains
  • Offer business intelligence through the DNA portal
  • Enterprise
    • unlimited devices, web front end, full integration capabilities
    • Connects into your  ERP / call Logging software as required
  • DCA
    • up to 100 devices, no front end, limited integration, simple installation performed by you, the customer

At the simplest level DNA will reduce the amount of time you spend ordering consumables and collecting meter readings, in turn reducing the costs of running your printer and MFP fleet.  With the Enterprise version you will also be able to receive device alerts, view device status on a web page and run management information reports.

A workstation or server is provisioned by you and the software is installed. This then connects to the Danwood DNA portal which receives asset, meter, consumable and alert data during the day. At the end of each day the final meter data is stored, allowing Danwood to have a full daily count of each networked device and refresh toners where necessary.

DNA is an intrinsic part of our service delivery model, the levels of pro active support we are able to achieve using the technology provides a superior service to our customers. We will of course manage all exceptions and work with you to run through the other options available.

Providing you choose the Enterprise version you will be able to manage your print fleet by receiving alerts and viewing asset and consumable data. If you want the ability to roll out settings and configure multiple devices at the same time you will still need to utilise free of charge Manufacturer tools such as HP WebJet Admin, Samsung SyncThru Admin, Xerox CentreWare Web and others.

You can send your enquiry by email to the DNA team at or you may wish to contact your account manager for further information.

Yes, NHS N3 will always require an Enterprise server to enable N3 communications

Integration to your IT helpdesk can be provided through several methods, the easiest way is to use a structured email sent to an email account monitored by the helpdesk. Bespoke integration can also be provided if required, please contact the DNA team at for more information.

Each separate network will require an individual installation of DNA monitoring software regardless of which version you have chose. These will then all be consolidated on the Danwood DNA portal.

DNA can be requested via your Danwood representative. Alternatively please email the DNA team at

How to install Danwood DNA
How to install Danwood DNA

Danwood DNA features

FeatureDCAEnterprise BasicEnterprise Advanced
Automated remote monitoring of network devicesYYY
Qualified meter readingsYYY
Automated consumables orderingYYY
Optimised service and supply chainsYYY
DNA portalYYY
Device connectivity100 devicesUnlimitedUnlimited
Local device management×YY
 View device status×YY
 Web front end×YY
 Integration with your helpdesk××Y
 Connection with your ERP system××Y
 Local status alert emails××Y
 Local MI reporting×YY
 Connection with NHS N3×YY