Visualise, design, realise.

If concept and product design are important in your organisation, 3D print could be key to your success.

  • Quickly evaluate design options with models that look like the real thing
  • See, touch and test alternative concepts
  • Produce prototype models in a quick and cost effective way
  • Turn imaginative design into tangible results fast.

A revolution in learning

3D printers are quickly becoming a must-have device in schools in support of the Design & Technology curriculum; helping students expand their imagination, realise their designs and bring their lessons to life. On-paper designs can be put to the test in the classroom, giving tangible evidence as to the effectiveness of their solution and to submit as part of their coursework.

Plastic jet printing (PJP).

PJP is a solid-based manufacturing process that uses a heated extrusion nozzle to melt plastic filament and lay it down layer by layer until the part is complete. PJP is good for concept models, engineering models, functional testing and initial prototypes. PJP is also the most suitable option for use in schools.

Making the Amazing, Easy and Affordable for Schools

3D Print opens a world of possibilities for learning. It can help expand students imagination realising the full potential of design projects, bring maths and sciences to life and truly engage students in their lessons. 

Our scheme allows schools to rent a KYOCERA CubePro 3D printer for as little as £145 per month, which includes the delivery, installation and set up of the 3D printer, plus a full set of consumables and a 12-month warranty.

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Working with Danwood gives you the peace of mind that comes with choosing an experienced market leader. We’ll support you each step of the way from delivery and installation of your 3D printer to providing you with the necessary training to start your 3D journey.

Our partnership with leading brand Kyocera means we can bring you the very latest in 3D print technology, promising high quality, professional products you can depend upon.

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